Frequently Asked Questions

Company Profiles

What are company profiles?
Where does CP NETworks get its company data?
There’s incorrect information on my company’s profile, how can I fix it?
What if my business is no longer in operation or I wish not to be listed at all?
There’s some information I’d rather not have online, what should I do?
Can I add my company to CP NETworks?
Where can I get a receipt for my premium subscription?

Member Profile

What is my member profile?
Can the public see my member profile?
How do I update my email preferences?

Premium Business Listings

Need to cancel a premium subscription?
What methods of payment can be used on CP NETworks?
Why did my credit card transaction fail?
What is CP NETworks’s refund policy?

Refine Search Results

How do I refine my search and browse results?

The Basics

What is CP NETworks?
Why should I register on CP NETworks?
How do I add more information about my company to CP NETworks?
I have no idea what my password is.
What are CP NETworks Directory terms of service?
Where is CP NETworks’s privacy policy?

Additional Help

These FAQs didn’t cut it, I need more help, now what?